Monthly Archives: December 2012

Episode 3 – Small Changes, Big Effects

In this episode, we explore how we miss out on positive change because of two traps that we often fall into when we want to change our lives.

Some reflections on the Sandy Hook school shootings, and the chance to look at our own reactions to tragedy and to the reactions of others and how we can learn from them rather than falling into the pattern of freaking out and then doing nothing after the excitement has worn off.

And finally, the small scrappy changes that matter in the long run.

Episode 2 – Is Your Faith Helping You?

Can faith have a dark side? This week we dive into some surprising territory as we explore ways that Faith can show up in very ugly ways in the world.

Learn disturbing ways we automatically avoid truths (and miss out on transforming insight!)

And a practice that will help wake up your being by doing just the opposite of what you would expect.