Monthly Archives: January 2013

Episode 8 – Crash and Burn

What is it that is holding you back? Is there something that you would really like to do, but you’re not sure if it is worth the risk?

I don’t know about you, but when I have to take a plane anywhere those first few moments before takeoff and before landing are the worst. I was recently reading about United Airlines Flight 232, and I cannot imagine what that experience must have been like. They were flying over Iowa and suddenly all hell breaks loose.  An engine explodes.  The pilots lose complete control of the vessel, and they are spiraling towards a certain crash collision.  There’s no manual for this kind of catastrophe – now what?

You can hear the amazing actions of 232’s flight crew on the podcast, but I want to use this image as an entry point.  If you’re like me, this story might trigger that vague feeling of impending doom you feel whenever you enter an airplane.

The ironic thing is that flying on a commercial flight is statistically much safer than driving; so why don’t our fears match the reality? 

This week we explore the pending apocalypse that haunts us whenever we try to move into new territory and how we test the illusions and pursue a life that really matters.

Episode 7 – Flying True

You live in a complicated world where strong truth is hard to find. How can you fly true in a world full of contradictions? In this episode we explore how creativity through the arts, hacker spaces, cooking, etc can help us build the “intuition muscle” as we listen for the impulses of the spirit.

Episode 6 – Am I On The Right Path?

Do we actually believe the words that are coming out of our own mouth? How strong are our convictions and how do they shape our lives?

This episode we dive into the world of doubt, but with a twist. This week we use doubt not as a problem, but as a powerful tool. How can we doubt ourselves in a way that is constructive and strengthens our faith?

Testing assumptions handout – click here!