Monthly Archives: April 2013

Episode 20 – Finding the Heart of God

“…You must explain that we are not entering the dreams of sleep. We are doing the opposite: rather than going to sleep, we are awakening. We are waking up our feelings. Don’t forget that our word for this experience is !aia, which means to wake up our strongest feelings. When we dance, we are trying enter !aia and arouse the most powerful emotions of our heart…”

“Tell your people that they must learn to wake up their feelings. Their heart must arise from its sleep. It must rise and stand up. That’s how you find the track to God.”

Toma Dam, n|om-kxaosi

From the Bushman Ways of Tracking God, by Bradford Keeney


Episode 19 – Omnivalence

Who is the primary authority in your life? If you are like most people today, you might still believe in God, but on the day-to-day decisions, God actually doesn’t play a big part in your life…..and there’s a reason for that. In this episode we explore why the church is floundering and struggling to find relevance in today’s world.

Episode 18 – The Greatest Truth That Never Was

This month, I’m diving into the realm of biblical truth, with a focus on the BIG STUFF, like Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and the Bible itself.

In this podcast, I explore how I have related to Jesus at different points in my life. How my perspectives on truth changed, and where my journey of faith has taken me.

Episode 17 – Into the Shadows

We are often so immersed in our place in the world that we completely miss the air that we breath, the unspoken rules of our existence, our patterns of belief and action.

This is the shadow realm…dive into this episode to explore how creative work and our relationships with others can help reveal aspects of ourselves that we can’t see.

Episode 16 – Clearing the Haze

What are the fundamentals of faith? Rather than starting with what we should start believing first, this episode goes into an even more fundamental level about where should be focusing our attention in attuning our body, mind and spirit as we express our own authentic faith