Monthly Archives: June 2013

Episode 28 – Have Doubt!

Without doubt, faith is fragile and empty.

What do YOU think?

It would seem that doubt is a total threat to our faith, but does doubt really have to be such a problem? In this episode we explore a different approach to doubt and learn how to integrate doubt as a vital part of our living faith.

Episode 27 – Keys to the Kingdom

While we may be saved by grace, our experience of the kingdom here and now might be a small drop compared to the ocean of God that is right at our fingertips.

A word of warning though, there is a lot of hype about the Kingdom of God, but do you REALLY want in? Each step deeper into the waters requires more of us. This week we explore the path of discernment as one of the keys to the kingdom as we move past illusion and into the heart of God. And it aint always sunshine and rainbows.

Episode 26 – Owning Your Impact

The foundation of an authentic faith is learning our place in the world and understanding how we impact others and our world. Dive into this episode to discover how a closer relationship to your daily bread can bring you into more intimate and powerful relationship with life itself.

Episode 25 – Breaking Through

In a world where science and religion are clashing so severely, how do we find our way through both the half truths of science and the captivating illusions of religion?

This episode we explore mythology of modern culture as a way to sidestep the conflicts that arise around partial truth. By recognizing both the truth and the lie within any myth, you can start stepping forward in truth on your own journey of authentic faith.

If your own life is in conflict and crisis, this could be a step forward on a path of restoration for you.