Monthly Archives: July 2013

Episode 33 – A New Covenant

You might feel a deep dissatisfaction with the way things are in the world or in your life right now, or it could be a vague unease that things are off, that the world is a bit haywire and doesn’t make much sense right now. You are not alone. The dreams that we have been sold, the stories we have been told, the rules that we are following are starting feel to tight and wear thin. So many stories we are told: about our relationship with God, what kind of job we should have, the kind of things we should buy, what our love life should be life, how much sex we should be having. And in the background looms the ominous stories about climate change, economic crisis, environmental crisis, pending disaster and social chaos.

In the midst of all that, as responsible people of faith we are called “To Do Something About It”, yet so many of the ‘solutions’ just don’t seem adequate at all….

How do we respond? Do we need a new covenant with our creator and each other here on earth? What would it look like?

Episode 32 – Working Miracles

Do you want to work miracles in your life? Whether it be in our spiritual journey or in our daily work, we often find ourselves hoping and praying for something miraculous or magical to occur. In this episode, we explore one of the dominant myths in our consumer culture and a “secret ingredient”  that helps us break free of that myth and work miracles in the world.

Side note: this episode is primarily dedicated to more tangible “miracles” that we want to see happen in our daily lives. For miracles of the spirit, I highly recommend “The Mountain of Silence”  and “The Bushman Way of Tracking God” – both written by authors that come from scholastic and scientific backgrounds, but broke through the academic ceiling to discover a reality that goes far beyond our dominant rational way of experiencing life

Episode 31 – Renewal

As the world shifts around us, and as we change as we go through life how do we stay connected to what matters most? In this episode we explore the intersection between who we are (our “essential self”) and what we value. Sometimes, those things are aligned, sometimes they are not. Playing with and getting to know both aspects of ourselves will help us stay with the big commitments we have made in our lives (to our spouse, to God, to family and friends).

How can we cultivate a faithfulness that is new every morning and still holds true to who we are and who we want  to be?

Episode 30 – Divine Science

Is there a recipe, a formula, for experiencing and knowing God in a more intimate and profound way? Is there a way to get through the clutter and jump on a reliable fast track to the divine? While there do not appear to be any instant mixes to immediately grant you a ready-made authentic faith, there does seem to a five part formula when approaching God that will mold your life into a crucible of faith with profound results.

Join me in this episode to explore two long standing monastic traditions and see what they have to teach us about transforming our hearts and entering into the presence of God.

Episode 29 – Putting Our Heads Together

So Jesus established the Great Law which is to love our neighbor as ourselves, but how do we follow that law? Christians should be the shining example of grace and love in the world, but this is often not the case. So what is holding us back from being a community full of compassionate action?

In this episode, we explore a facet of compassion that is rarely mentioned, but critical to finding the most effective ways of living and serving in the world. For a heart-centered life, we must also have a mind that is skilled and centered on this higher calling.