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Episode 46 – Through Troubled Waters

Sometimes everything is smooth sailing

More often than not though, creative work is one course correction at a time. You know the destination, but sometimes it can be hard to know if you’re still on track.

This episode is me just being me when I’m stuck in a rut.

Episode 45 – A New Language, A New Earth

In this five fold episode I weave back and forth between Peter Block’s insights into community building and the ethics of Permaculture, ethics and ideas that are changing the conversation about how we as a community choose to treat each other and how we choose to live on the earth, our divine inheritance

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“Social fabric is created one room at a time. It is formed from small steps that ask “Who do we want in the room?” and “What is the new conversation we want to occur?” In community building, we choose the people and the conversation that will produce the accountability to build relatedness, structure belonging, and move the action forward.”

Peter Block “Community: the Structure of Belonging

“Permaculture is that art of the possible”
Graham Bell ‘The Permaculture Garden”

“Permaculture is revolution disguised as organic gardening”
Graham Burnett ‘Permaculture – A Beginners Guide’


Episode 44 – Daily Acts

When facing the big challenges in our life, our desire for a big solution to match the size of the problem may cause us to get lost and actually miss where the true opportunity lies. It is the daily, moment to moment acts that create the ground for miracles to emerge.

As mentioned in the podcast: check out Daily Acts to see they model these daily choices in the great work they do

Episode 43 – Caring For Eden

Just as there is inhale and exhale with each breath we take, the life of authentic faith is one that moves inward and then outward into the world. The last 40 episodes have been focused on the inner game of our authentic faith and now we start looking outward to find how we can bring our authentic gifts to our world.

A lot of modern faith traditions are excellent at providing instruction and practice around our personal relationship to spirit, and how to build a community of faith – yet strangely our world has been torn to pieces by greed and exploitation despite our good intentions. In this episode we explore the third strand of faith that has been ignored and abused, yet without it we are quite literally – nothing.

I turned on the fire hose this episode! Come back to this page in a day or two and I will have the resources and links listed as promised

Episode 42 – Perfect is Where We Begin

What if the major problems and dramas in our life are mostly shadow-boxing and beating around the a bush of our own making? While most of us are not locked up in solitary confinement, sometimes we sure act like prisoners in our own life even though there are an abundance of choices right in front of us. However, the choices that we can actually see depend heavily on the stories that we tell ourselves about our life, and the language we use to describe the world we live in.

Check out this episode to find ways that you might be holding yourself and others hostage simply with the way you see the world.