Monthly Archives: November 2013

Episode 50: Flying Spiritual Spaghetti Monsters

Uncovering our authentic faith is a process of creativity and discovery, both beautiful and messy.

This episode looks back over the last 50 episodes to ask, is the Igniting Faith podcast actually delivering on the intention to help clear out distraction and confusion, and open the space in my life and your life for a clearer, grounded, true expression of the spirit?

Episode 49 – A simple recipe for a thriving faith

Is there a conversation that you had recently that is just going around and around and around your head? This could be a doorway into the work of the spirit in your life. When your mind and heart are obsessing about something and won’t let it go, there is usually something important underneath the surface that is probably not resolved.

In this episode I share a story about how one of these negative loops turned into a moment of insight and direction in my life.

Episode 47 – The Future Flows Through Us

Within the highs and lows that life throws our way, how do we stay tuned in to the direction of the spirit? How do we live in a way that our personal actions are filled with the spirit and tend to the whole body of faith that we are living in?

I explore these threads within the context of the Igniting Faith podcast, how I am taking the podcast as a crucible of faith, a testing ground that both calls me into a greater expression of spirit, while also giving others a chance to open up to new perspectives, explore their faith and light up their own lives.