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Episode 63 – Opening the Book of Living Scripture

When you look at the numbers, humanity only makes up a fraction of the life on the planet. In fact the majority of life is below the surface – in the soil, underwater and even in the soil underwater!

So when we look at the bible and its wisdom, we can see and understand some things about God. Yet those words are only an itty-bitty, tiny, tiny, tiny, source of wisdom in a huge, Huge, HUGE world. What if we looked at life itself as a sort of living scripture that is being written right now. What can we learn?

Is the natural world a voice and expression of God? If so, what wisdom can it show us about the foundations and core truths of life itself.


Episode 62 – Spiritual Diversity

When we are in the melting-pot of the spirit, it can be confusing. The easy thing to do is to try and find the ONE TRUTH, the RIGHT WAY, so that life can be simpler.

That simplicity is useful in many ways. It is also a source of blindness, and sometimes our preference for simple answers causes us to miss out on our own unique experience and expression of God.

Episode 60 – Live a life that gives back five times more than you receive

If you want to cut through the small-spirited selfish ruts and live a life that far exceeds what you imagined possible, it is time to start stepping into a five fold life.

Tune in to this episode to learn one practice that could really move you into new and exciting territory

Explore a deeper dive into “Objectives and Key Results” (note: it is geared towards large business, but I have found that this is a priceless personal tool as well)