Monthly Archives: March 2014

Episode 66 – Clear The Deck! 3 simple, short, but drastic ways to re-orient your life

Dive into this episode to find ways that you can get free of the dream and step more firmly into reality. I lay down some challenges that can lift you out of: 

  • constant fear or worry in your life
  • confusion, a lack of direction, apathy
  • feeling lethargic, irritated, foggy or unhealthy


Episode 64 – Switching from fatigue to grace

If you are exhausted, angry or maybe just feeling like life is kind of grey and tasteless – these are all indicators of fatigue. Usually the fatigue is felt in the body, but the roots of it are spiritual and emotional.

Our modern world has many religions that set us up for relentless stress and goals that are empty of satisfaction. Maybe it is time to get off of the world’s treadmill and into a life that is full of grace and beauty