Monthly Archives: April 2014

Episode 70 – Who do you think is getting the most out of the game, the fans or the players?

There are many ways that we live on the sidelines of life without even realizing it. We care about, and talk about a lot of things. We get tossed about on the seas of opinion and gossip, we wonder why our life feels disconnected, rushed, frustrating and stressful.

We don’t have to live life like this, we can anchor into what matters. We can live life at the heart of God. We can begin to care for things, rather than simply caring about them. As we care for our lives and the lives of those around us, we begin to experience what it is to be at the heart of what matters most to us.

If that doesn’t sound like a taste of heaven, I don’t know what does!

Episode 69 – Living An Attractive Life

They call it burying the lead in news media, and boy did I ever. This podcast episode is ultimately about how to approach life in a way that is vibrant, effortless and attractive. But it takes a while to get to the “point”.

I share a bit about what it has been like to work on a project for a long time without any meaningful results (yes it can be extremely frustrating!), then I start to explore deeper the material I have been working on: how we can look to nature for clues about how to live in the heart of God. What it is to live authentically AND generously at the same time, and ultimately how both creation and the example of Christ inspire me to live from the heart of God so that I can give generously to those around me.


Episode 68 – marking the milestones of your own authentic faith

I have been speaking about objectives and key results (OKRs) as a tool of faith and this episode I just wanted to share with you the impact that setting concrete, measurable targets can have on something immeasurable like faith

Explore the synergy of the irrational with the rational with me as I explore the way that this dance is playing out in my own life.