Monthly Archives: May 2014

3 Fundamentals for A Clear Mind

Three fundamentals for having a clear mind.

1) Learn from the map (what we believe to be true) AND the territory (what actually is). For a deeper dive into this topic, listen to Episode 10


2) Practice letting things goFor a deeper dive into this topic, listen to Episode 51

3) Act with integrity (what we do is what we say). For a deeper dive into this topic, listen to Episode 61

These are not the ONLY three, but they are essential. Without regular work in these three areas, our minds and hearts become cloudy with complacency, discord and confusion.

Episode 74 – Testing the Limits Of Faith

On this episode I take a quick trip over my own evolution in faith over the years. 

In order to live a life apart, it is so important to do the fundamental groundwork and then allow the spirit to move from there. This is the primary purpose of the Igniting Faith podcast: to help you establish habits and practices of being in the world that bring enough peace and order into your lives so that the wild and subtle realms of the spirit become more visible and active.

Episode 73 – Leaving The Rat Race In The Dust

Busy, busy, busy. This is the excuse of our time. It has become acceptable, even fashionable, to be poor and stingy in the time and energy that we hand out to our friends, our family, our lovers. Conversations are brief and unsatisfying as we chase after “much more important” things. We look to our peers, our bosses, the TV and informational torrent of the internet to assess how we should live…and then wonder why we are exhausted, empty, frustrated, confused and lonely.

Maybe instead of more of everything, we should go for less. Instead of chasing after the same carrots that everyone else is, we should check in with ourselves to figure out if we even like carrots to begin with.

We can then start to go against the grain, one choice at a time and soon we are running our own race in a world full of rich opportunities that everyone else is blindly passing by, headed toward a finish line that will make all the difference in the world.

Episode 72 – Getting The Ball Rolling From Negative to Positive In Any Area Of Your Life

Last week we learned how to create a snowball effect in our lives to get free of debt. From financially to spiritually, we can actually integrate this powerful source of momentum into any area of our lives.

Learn how to use the snowball effect to turn exhausting and frustrating areas of your life around, some examples include opportunities to:

  1. Gain 30% Efficiency in Your Life Overnight! 
  2. Turn An Awkward Relationship into An Intimate One
  3. Redirect Negative Experiences Into Positive Outcomes

Episode 71 – How To Liberate Yourself From Debt And Supercharge Your Faith

Small changes can have a huge effect. We can have a faith that is regenerative and vibrant if we begin to take small daily acts of responsibility with our money. Rather than being a burden, taking on responsibility in effective ways actually liberates our life from frustration, despair and worry.

The spiritual is deeply integrated with the material, so if you want to set your spirit free, if you want to get out from under the crushing weight of debt and stress, take a few minutes to renew your life and set a new course with this episode.