Monthly Archives: June 2014

Episode 78 – How To Measure Your Faith

A living faith will leave evidence all over our lives, bearing good fruit that is nourishing to us and to those around us. It is actually pretty easy to determine how active and effective our faith is.

In this episode, learn two easy ways to test how much our actions express the values that are most important to us


Episode 77 – The Surprising Wisdom in The Game Of Thrones

The violence, debauchery and betrayal that fill every episode of the Game of Thrones are nothing like what most of us experience today. The books and the TV Series take us back to the world of honor, of the divine right of kings, where blood and human life are easy sacrifices to make in order to serve the demands of the high born. And we are riveted, partially in the way that it is hard to look away from a train wreck, but also within us is a longing that is evoked. Some core element of our humanity comes alive on the screen in a way that we are missing in our own lives….

Dive into this episode to learn how we can take some of the fundamental wisdom and structure of the honor code in the Game of Thrones to ignite and galvanize our own lives

Episode 76 – Tending Our Ecology of Faith

Confusion and distraction, boredom, frustration…these are symptoms of an ecology of faith that is out of balance.

In this episode I map out a few key areas of our ecology of faith that are fundamental parts of our being. Take a look and begin to diagnose the health of your spirit. Are your body, mind,  relationships, and the structure of your life supporting what you value most?