Monthly Archives: August 2014

Episode 85: How to relax and pay attention

Every 5 episodes I introduce a practice or an idea that can yield a five-fold impact in your life. This week, we explore states of consciousness and how the ability to relax and focus can heighten and elevate every other aspect of your life.

If you want to step up your game in life, the answer may be in a direction you weren’t expecting: try stepping back for a few moments and paying attention through meditation.

Listening with the ears of the Spirit – finding a balance between goalless practices and purpose-driven action

One of the “prime directives” of religions and faith traditions all through history has been to find ways of “transcending the ego”, to move beyond our limited perspective and into a more expansive relationship to the truth of the Spirit.

This week, we explore the dance between those two fundamental drives as we deepen our own walk of faith.

Episode 84 – How to recover from an argument – this skill might be more important than avoiding conflict in the first place

According to John Gottman, fights happen even in the best relationships.

As the dust settles from an argument, try taking on the role of other to start to really get what is going on for the other person. This can be a profound spiritual practice as well as a foundation for trust, understanding and intimacy in a relationship In this episode, we explore a couple different ways to use a conflict to build an even stronger relationship.

For a good dive into the different kinds of “healthy conflict” and warning signs about when conflict has gone toxic, definitely check out John Gottman’s article “What Makes Marriage Work – It’s how you resolve conflict that matters most”

Episode 83 – These unforgetable experiences remind me of how deeply we are connected to those around us

In this episode I share a few stories about the powerful connection we can have with those around us. They show us a surprising glimpse of what is possible when we pay closer attention to our spiritual hunches.

If this is something you want more in your life there are a couple simple ways that to open up surprising connections between us and those around us


Episode 82 – Stepping Out Of The Spiritual Casino

A lot of spiritual stories and practices are attempts to gain peak experiences – moments of incredible insight, expansive emotional states and spiritual unity.

Chasing after these “highs” of the spirit can be great goals that provide us with incentives for practice and discipline…they can also be a distraction that causes us to miss the opportunity to really step outside ourselves, to grow and to connect with others