Monthly Archives: October 2014

Episode 93 – Small and effective ways to find our faith

As we journey to find the Spirit

We wait for the heavens to part, for the glorious shining light to sweep us into a promised land

Our eyes in lofty places, we pass the small trail markers, the hunches, the irritations, the urges, the dreams…

And then after days, weeks, years have passed without a sign, we wonder why we feel so lost and abandoned

Episode 92 – Tuning in to the call of the Spirit

As we tune up our body’s and mind to clear out some of the gunk of life like mediocre health, idle distractions, stressful environments, it opens up our being to be listening and directed more by intuition and desire. These are trail markers that we can use to start following the leading of the Spirit in our lives

In this episode, I explore how good habits have taken me 80% of the way there, and now I am not so easily trapped in the clutter of life. Yet the work isn’t done, how do I sustain the gains and move into powerful new directions in my own life?

Episode 91 – It often just takes these basic things to restore our mind, body and spirit

In this episode I put myself under the microscope of faith again as I look to restore my spirit and achieve balance in my life. Since things have been a little chaotic and stressful at work that has been spilling over into everything else that I care about.

There are two things that I will be going back to basics with, being well rested and well fed – dive into this episode to learn how it usually is the simplest changes we need to make to get back on track and restore our ecology of faith.

Episode 90 – How the five fold life is showing up in my life

With this episode I stop and reflect on the ways that my life is being used in creative, regenerative ways. Some of the most powerful insights that I have had in my own journey of faith and discovery have come when other people share their stories and ideas with me.

So here you go!