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Episode 69 – Living An Attractive Life

They call it burying the lead in news media, and boy did I ever. This podcast episode is ultimately about how to approach life in a way that is vibrant, effortless and attractive. But it takes a while to get to the “point”.

I share a bit about what it has been like to work on a project for a long time without any meaningful results (yes it can be extremely frustrating!), then I start to explore deeper the material I have been working on: how we can look to nature for clues about how to live in the heart of God. What it is to live authentically AND generously at the same time, and ultimately how both creation and the example of Christ inspire me to live from the heart of God so that I can give generously to those around me.


Episode 66 – Clear The Deck! 3 simple, short, but drastic ways to re-orient your life

Dive into this episode to find ways that you can get free of the dream and step more firmly into reality. I lay down some challenges that can lift you out of: 

  • constant fear or worry in your life
  • confusion, a lack of direction, apathy
  • feeling lethargic, irritated, foggy or unhealthy


Episode 60 – Live a life that gives back five times more than you receive

If you want to cut through the small-spirited selfish ruts and live a life that far exceeds what you imagined possible, it is time to start stepping into a five fold life.

Tune in to this episode to learn one practice that could really move you into new and exciting territory

Explore a deeper dive into “Objectives and Key Results” (note: it is geared towards large business, but I have found that this is a priceless personal tool as well)

Episode 50: Flying Spiritual Spaghetti Monsters

Uncovering our authentic faith is a process of creativity and discovery, both beautiful and messy.

This episode looks back over the last 50 episodes to ask, is the Igniting Faith podcast actually delivering on the intention to help clear out distraction and confusion, and open the space in my life and your life for a clearer, grounded, true expression of the spirit?

Episode 43 – Caring For Eden

Just as there is inhale and exhale with each breath we take, the life of authentic faith is one that moves inward and then outward into the world. The last 40 episodes have been focused on the inner game of our authentic faith and now we start looking outward to find how we can bring our authentic gifts to our world.

A lot of modern faith traditions are excellent at providing instruction and practice around our personal relationship to spirit, and how to build a community of faith – yet strangely our world has been torn to pieces by greed and exploitation despite our good intentions. In this episode we explore the third strand of faith that has been ignored and abused, yet without it we are quite literally – nothing.

I turned on the fire hose this episode! Come back to this page in a day or two and I will have the resources and links listed as promised

Episode 37 – Waste Not

How do we open the doorway to living a life that gives back more than we receive? Tune in to this episode and find opportunities that are lying right underneath our noses, and learn a practice that will start taking you through the doorways that lead into a generous and satisfying life.

This practice will start focusing your mind on the hidden opportunities in your life and will start bringing you into alignment with the five steps for living a “five-fold” life. Set the stage to achieve the following:

1) Set the intention to really go for it

2) Look at your daily routines to see how you live, faith is a daily affair lived one moment to the next.

3) Understand the true cost and impact of your life on those around you and on the environment that keeps you alive

4) Choose alternatives that bring you joy: actions that are creative, regenerative and healthy

5) Simplify

Episode 36 – Leaving Things Better Than We Found Them

Welcome to the first “Five-Fold” Episode where two very cool things happen.

1) You get to support a great cause, just by sharing this episode. If you are one of the first twenty to share this on Google+, for each share, $5 will be donated to the International Justice Mission. Also for EVERY follow of the Igniting Faith page on Google+ this week, $5 will be donated to the International Justice Mission.

2) We explore how we can live a “Five-Fold Life”, a life that gives back five times more than it receives. I know that sounds crazy (heck, I’ll admit I’m intimidated by the challenge myself!), but if we are inspired by Christ we are called to live a life with crazy positive impact. So let’s stop muddling about and rise to a challenge that is worthy of our effort and worthy of the Spirit within us.

Tune in and learn more!


Episode 34 – Finding the Missing Pieces

Are you living your life according to someone else’s plan? Noooo way!!! Maybe? Yes?

Often, our dreams, our hopes, our desires really, really, really feel like they are our own…but what if they are not?!?

This episode we explore a fresh perspective on wholeness. Learn the art of examining your life and finding the ways you have bought into someone else’s plan for you. This process is one way to gain  freedom and to live life in a way that really flows from the heart of God.

Episode 32 – Working Miracles

Do you want to work miracles in your life? Whether it be in our spiritual journey or in our daily work, we often find ourselves hoping and praying for something miraculous or magical to occur. In this episode, we explore one of the dominant myths in our consumer culture and a “secret ingredient”  that helps us break free of that myth and work miracles in the world.

Side note: this episode is primarily dedicated to more tangible “miracles” that we want to see happen in our daily lives. For miracles of the spirit, I highly recommend “The Mountain of Silence”  and “The Bushman Way of Tracking God” – both written by authors that come from scholastic and scientific backgrounds, but broke through the academic ceiling to discover a reality that goes far beyond our dominant rational way of experiencing life