Episode 86: Four steps to open your own hidden doorway and begin a new spiritual adventure

We can get so jaded with life. All the mystery gets explained away by all the sciency facts and data….yet despite how reality can sometimes seem very cold and boring….there is another facet of life that is common, very real, and yet at the same time deeply mysterious.

Dreams are still a realm of consciousness that is not very well understood. Sleep is also still quite a profound mystery that we really don’t understand very well. So within these strange worlds, we have a daily opportunity to explore our own private landscape and encounter things that defy explanation. It can be a little like unlocking that secret entrance in the library or by stumbling through the other end of the closet. One minute you’re casually exploring, and the next you find yourself awake in an entirely new world. It is the stuff of a fantasy novel, but we can plunge into this world every night. 

In this episode, learn how to open up the world of dreams as a new arena to cultivate awareness. Use these four fundamentals to become more present in both your waking and sleeping moments.

For an in depth dive into the subject, I recommend reading: The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

To begin playing with lucid dream and dream practices, dive into this episode to learn more!

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