Episode 94 – How to take revelation and turn it into powerful action, even when life is messy

Our preference for simple, concise stories over truth can be a huge source of frustration. After doing the three steps to success or seven habits of amazingness, we expect to be soaring on the wings of an inspired life. So when we find ourselves knee-deep in a bunch of messy inconvenient crap it can be really, really disappointing.

In this episode we explore how to get past the messy inconveniencesĀ and persist in making your inspiration a reality

We often fall into a subtle trap when we hear other people share their stories of success. What we WANT to hear is that living an inspired life is always going to be easy. It’s a very simple mistake to make because people like to talk about their successes by sharing their cliff-notes version of life. The truth is, even when we are sincerely trying to tell the whole story, we forget most of the messy details. Even what we do remember, we don’t enjoy sharing because it isn’t very fun to share about the boring, frustrating, messy twists and turns of the actual journey. Who wants to hear that, right?

So how do we get past these inconveniences and actually get to a place where we feel inspired by what we have done, and what we are doing? Let’s check it out.


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